Feedback from Leading Actors


Jaana Chan  |  Former Product Director – APAC,

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“The website is perfectly set and keeps you posted with the most recent updates You can see the ITB Berlin News to listen to opinions of other visitors and exhibitors which is always nice to share. The official show dailies are spread all over the show and you can easily grab one and check out what’s happening around you. I always secure one as soon as I spot one when entering the show. Understanding the market is where you start the business, right?!”

Florian Fleischer  |  Head of Product Management Medium Haul East – TUI Germany

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“ITB Berlin News give me a great overview of information and help me to define my daily agenda. The daily news are up to date and give a really good overview of the top stories from all the different markets. Quite often I’m filling my transition time between two appointments by reading ITB Berlin News.”

Martial Ma  |  General Manager of International Partnership for Accommodation Business – Ctrip Group, China

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“ITB Berlin News absolutely shows us valued insights of the best people in travel industry globally.  As a reader, the magazine is undoubtedly referential and informative for myself and rest of our team. We surely expect to utilize it as a helpful networking intermedia and by learning those foresee of industry trends, to explore new focus from global market outside China.”

Gina Dunnett  |  Director Product Development & Travel Experience –

Gina Dunnett

“Every morning at ITB Berlin should begin with a coffee and copy of the show daily. I always book free time in my schedule to visit the new companies, destination offerings or highlights I learned about in the daily that I may not of known of otherwise. And the ITB Berlin News introduces me to people I wish to meet. You might say it allows me to “Experience Everywhere”, ITB Berlin-style!”

Jason Swaye  |  CTC – Virtuoso Luxury Travel Advisor – Vision Travel Solutions, Canada

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“Every morning when I get to the show I always take a few minutes to read through ITB Berlin News (…).  It gives a general understanding of what is happening and even some things that are going on which you may never have heard about.  In fact, I can say that it now helps me plan my days.”

Christian Strupait  |  Contract Manager DACH – Voyage Prive, France

Christian Strupait

“Since my meetings are usually timed extremely tight, the ITB Berlin News are a good and informative tool for reading inbetween, keeping me up to date on what is happening where and when.”

Michael Ros  |  CEO – Bidroom

Michael Ros Bidroom

“I think ITB Berlin News is a good concept. It gives the participants a clear idea of what they can expect during the show, making the experience easier and much more efficient.”

Tijl Timmer  |  Former Key Account Manager DACH – Emesa

Tijl Timmer

“ITB Berlin News is interesting to read and to be informed about this year’s trends at ITB. It´s good for inspiring and gathering ideas.”

Paul Mercuri  |  Former Sales Manager – Kogan Travel

Paul Mercuri

“Looking forward to reading it daily at the event.”

Rolf Weber  |  Managing Director – Stohler Tours


“ITB Berlin News helps us always to draw attention to certain interesting news and to take advantage from it.”

Frank Straka  |  Former – Kästl World

Frank Straka

“The ITB dailies help me to find out what other people are interested in – to find trends and report to them accordingly.”

Edouard du Coudray Wiehe  |  T.O. and Product Director – Voyage Privé Italia, Italia

Edouard du Coudray_2

“For me ITB Berlin News is mainly a source of main practical information, it helps to discover trends and headline topics related to our industry.”

Fátima Fernández  | Former Commercial & Contracting Manager Cities – Traveltino, Spain

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“Generally I use this publication to know the opinion of other companies on the future of the sector, new projects or technological improvements.”

Natalie Gosselin  |  Product Manager & Team Leader, Global Product, Flight Centre Travel Group, Australia

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“I do scan through ITB Berlin News to see what trends are coming through in travel and for the interviews with the industry’s movers and shakers.”

Andrea Heawon Park  |  Sourcing Specialist, Hotel Business Team, Interpark Corporation, Korea

Heawon Park_2

“I believe it is very useful to check this magazine out during the event period. It is a great method to know what is happening and how to navigate the show in a better way.”

Rajesh Nambiar  |  Former Executive Vice President – Ottila International, India

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“ITB Berlin News provides with supplementary information about the exhibition and updates on the happenings taking place on a daily basis. Very often we are not able to meet with quite many exhibitors and the updates from these exhibitors are available through the news. Also useful to get some insights into latest thoughts and trends in travel.”

Beatrix Schell  |  Managing Partner – Genuss Reisen, Germany

Beatrice Schell_2

“ITB Berlin News is some kind of a daily reading as a morning routine, as a kick off into a new travel fair day. While having the first cappuccino, I learn about the latest developments and news.”


Vinícius Lummertz  |  Former President, Embratur

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“It is wonderful to have a daily communication tool inside the ITB fair. It is an effective way to follow what is happening during the event. ITB is a place where the world meets, and all this can be seen in ITB Berlin News.”

Khalid Jasim Al Midfa  |  Chairman of Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah

Copy of Khalid Jasim Al Midfa - Chairman of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority

“We thank you for all the effort and hard work that you put into delivering our messages and highlighting activities that we showcase year after year, day after day during ITB Berlin.”

Majda Rozina Dolenc  | Former Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Munich

Copy of Majda Rozina Dolenc Slovenia

“We decided for the cooperation with ITB Berlin News a few years ago. On this way ITB Berlin News is spreading our slogan “I feel Slovenia”. We are pleased that our logo is well noticed, which in turn ensures greater awareness of Slovenia. As a small country, we need to be stronger and more creative to compete with larger tourism destinations.”

Mauricio Ventura  |  Former Minister of Tourism, Costa Rica

Copy of Copy of Mauricio Ventura 2

“ITB Berlin News is a successful window and a powerful tool that links up all countries that attend this travel trade show. It is an honor for our country to be considered by this official daily.”

Adil Moosa  |  Managing Director – Maldives Airports Company Limited

MACL MD Mr. Adil Moosa

“ITB Berlin News provides an insight of the global travel industry. The publication offers vital information that assists in planning and developing strategies helpful in adapting to industry standards.”

Najib Balala  |  Minister of Tourism, Kenya

Copy of Hon. Najib Balala - Official Mug shot

“It is a good platform to share destination news and therefore a must have during the show.”

Hon. John Amaratunga  |  Former Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs, Sri Lanka

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“As the official magazine of ITB Berlin, we have the highest regard for the magazine and it is an excellent tool to inform the trade and media about what Sri Lanka has to offer. I thank ITB Berlin News for the wide exposure provided to Sri Lanka over many years.”

Charles Romel Banda | Minister of Tourism and Arts of Zambia

PREV_P22 Zambian Minister of Tourism

“ITB Berlin News is a great medium to reach over 600 tourism buyers 10 000 exhibitors; 110,000 trade visitors and 20,000 convention visitors as every visitor to ITB should read a copy to enlightened with the latest ITB news.”