Trekking Peru – “the richest country in the world”

It’s a new concept of wealth, where “unforgettable experiences are an infinite source of wealth”. This is the heart of Peru’s new campaign. For lovers of mountain treks, the concept is particularly apt.


The Huascaran National Park, located in the White Mountain Range (Cordillera Blanca), is the highest tropical range in the world; perfect for mountaineering, where visitors can enjoy views of some of its 434 lagoons and the most imposing of its 712 glaciers. The best time for mountain climbing is between May and September. One of the most popular treks inside the park is the four-hour trek to Lagoon 69, rewarding visitors with a beautiful view of its turquoise water. The lagoon lies at the foot of the Chacraraju glacier (6,031 m) and its name comes from the inventory of the national park.


Cusco is impressive not only because of history, but also because of its impressive natural landscapes. Cusco combines stunning sights with magical landscapes and picturesque villages, and is a true paradise for adventurous nature lovers. The most popular trekking route by far is the Inca trail, however there are many alternative routes around Cusco that are just as rewarding. These treks lead to adventures off the beaten path far away from tourist trails.


Considered the sister city of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao served as the last Inca resort when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru. It is still well preserved and its access is still reserved for adventurers, due to the strenuous four-day trek needed to reach it.

Photo: Trekking Ausengate Vinicunca, Cusco © Christian Jara – PromPeru