Vanuatu works on attracting more tourists to outer islands

With over 18% of GDP and 14% of employment gained directly from tourism, Vanuatu has seen more tourists travelling by air to its outer islands in recent years. Available data shows that annual international arrivals who have travelled to outer islands have grown in the past few years.

Historically, tourism in Vanuatu has been focused on the “rest and relaxation” market – those who stay in larger hotels or resorts and lie by the pool sipping cocktails. However, a 2016 International Visitors’ Survey suggested that there was an opportunity to increase growth in niche markets such as soft adventure, eco-tourism and cultural experiences, run by smaller local operators, based mainly in villages and towns in the outer islands.

According to the most recent statistics, 82% of those visiting Vanuatu claimed they would return to the destination, claiming to be satisfied with environment, activities, attractions, and the local people. 

Photo: The Island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific