Jamaica’s ambitious new slogan attracts attention

In January, the Jamaica Tourist Board launched a new slogan, representing a change in brand positioning for the Caribbean destination. As a reference to the island’s perceived outsized global influence, “Jamaica – Heartbeat of the World” is now the catchphrase and concept for a new phase of marketing for the destination.

Despite its size – just over 10,000 sq km with a population of fewer than 3 million people – Jamaica can lay claim to having a considerable cultural impact that extends far beyond its shores. “We are excited to launch ‘Heartbeat of the World,’ which reinforces our position as a global leader among travel destinations and establishes Jamaica as the single destination every traveller must experience,” said Donovan White, Director of Tourism, Jamaica, adding, “On the map, Jamaica may seem like a small dot in the Caribbean Sea. But her influence on the world culture is the size of a continent. We are a cultural giant and we continue to have an indelible impact on the world’s food, music, sport, and literature while offering larger-than-life bucket list experiences with extraordinary, talented people.”

Strengthening the island’s position as a global culturally relevant brand, “Heartbeat of the World” extends beyond tourism and encompasses all elements of Jamaica’s rich and vibrant culture, including music, cuisine, sports, adventure, nature, and wellness. The marketing initiative includes new online branding, television commercials and tourism products, drawing potential visitors to the classic attributes including jerk chicken, reggae music, rum and island life. The strategy also hopes to capitalise on a number of topical factors in 2020 enhancing Jamaica’s visibility on the international stage, including the April release of the latest James Bond movie “No Time To Die” – which was filmed on the island, also the birthplace of the iconic fictional British spy.

Photo: Vibrant colours and musical influence at the heart of Jamaica’s new tourist initiative