TTA sector still largely under-exploited

With Bookingkit GmbH again working closely with ITB Berlin on the promotion of the TTA sector, we asked Co-Founder and Managing Director Christoph Kruse how his company is developing ideas in this field.

Tours and activities is the third largest and fastest growing tourism sector after flights and hotel bookings. Nevertheless, the tours and activity market is very fragmented, 80% are still not bookable via digital channels. Nowadays, that is almost unimaginable, because most people in the digitalised world want to make their bookings of tours and activities online via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Bookingkit enables providers of the experience industry to digitally map their tours and activities and to make their offers easily available for selling and marketing.

What do you think of the initiative by ITB to promote TTA as a specific sector?
It is a great and very important initiative! TTA is the third largest tourism sector with around one million providers worldwide and a global volume of €138bn. ITB therefore offers all TTA providers the chance to raise general awareness of their mission: making TTA as easy to book as flights or hotels.

How do you see this developing, and what should companies be doing to facilitate promotion and bookings?
Travellers nowadays want to experience an exciting moment. They are increasingly looking for unforgettable tours and activities rather than choosing a holiday that is simply based on the destination alone. It is therefore of utter importance that those experiences can be booked simply, quickly and securely online. Travel and activity providers should adapt to this change in consumer needs and digitise their inventory to become visible on different platforms.

Photo: Christoph Kruse, Co-founder and Managing Director, Bookingkit – © 2019 Bookingkit