Barbados encourages travel for a purpose


“We Gatherin” is the message to let visitors participate in the development of the island with local communities.

In 2020, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. is encouraging Barbadians living off-island and visitors to take part in a series of community activities aimed at increasing self-reliance, protecting the environment and addressing the socially vulnerable.

European visitors are encouraged to participate in workshops conducted by European and Barbadian experts either on a voluntary basis in its organisation or simply as a participant.

Environmental activities include training locals to turn soils fertile, to identify edible medicinal plants, to produce on organic fruit wine or strategicaly plant trees. Clean-ups are also organised to restore the pristine state of both the sea and beaches. In exchange for two hours of clean-up, select surfing, windsurfing and diving schools will offer participants two hours of free lessons. The clean-ups are more than just collecting garbage. Participants will record what is collected; look for coral fragments that can be used for re-planting in the sea; as well as rescue mother turtles and eggs that are at risk. 

Social activities will take place through a two-week soccer camp targeting young Barbadian teens at risk while Danceability Deutschland will host dance workshops that integrate children with and without special needs.

Currently PR  and social media communication link to the website for people to sign up prior to arriving on the island.

All activities will take place in April 2020 to coincide with the last of the season’s flights… Two music events will also be organised during this period, the Vujaday Music Festival and Barbados Reggae Festival.

Photo: Baby turtle release at Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados