Dom Museum Vienna gets a facelift

It is time to rediscover the Dom Museum Vienna, an art institution belonging to the Archdiocese of Vienna. It perfectly complements a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The newly renovated Dom Museum Wien presents in a contemporary setting 1,000 years of art, from the historical treasures of the cathedral to avant-garde classic paintings including expressionist painters and secessionist artists.

One of the first treasures is a painting of Hapsburg ruler Rudolf IV, deemed the oldest portrait of the Western World as it dates from the 14th century. Extraordinary sculptures and altars, sacred objects adorned with gold and jewels, portraits, manuscripts, books, and magnificent vestments ranging from the Gothic to the Art Deco period are on display. Dom Museum Wien also offers special exhibitions examining the intersection of society, religion, and the arts.

Combined tickets and/or tours are available with St. Stephen’s Cathedral and can also include the neighbouring Mozarthaus Vienna.

Photo: Dom Museum Wien © Marlene Frehlich /