How virtual hosts transform the management of holiday rentals

SABA Hospitality is highlighting how digital hosts can transform the management of holiday rental properties on ITB Berlin’s eTravel Stage today.

The holiday rental industry is rapidly expanding, representing an estimated €80bn annually. While the extra income is undoubtedly appealing, the time and energy it takes to service an increasingly demanding guest demographic is becoming problematic for many private rental operators, no matter how many properties they manage.

Digital guidebooks can provide some relief, but by themselves, fail to meet the communication needs of the modern traveller. Despite providing comprehensive property information in the form of a physical or digital guidebook, hosts are often confronted to guests messages or emails with questions already answered in the manual. It is often due to the necessity for the guest to communicate directly and actively with his host.

The use of chatbots, or virtual hosts, will give guests a means to communication that is in alignment with their wants and needs, while providing private rental operators a level of automation that give them more free time. Virtual hosts can turn into a great platform to service guests, provide recommendations and increase revenue.

Photo: SABA Hospitality’s solution