B’n’Tree turns travellers into environmental heroes

Started by Chris Kaiser, a German who moved to a National Park in South Thailand and felt deeply concerned by deforestation and the vanishing of animals, B’n’Tree has the goal of turning travellers’ bookings into a tree planting.

The rate of global deforestation still exceeds the reforestation rate by far, and every day thousands of acres of animal habitat are lost – and with it, unnoticed, quite regularly, plant and animal species we never had the chance to discover.

“In spite of all the damage being done, giving in to desperation would be the worst possible solution”, says Kaiser. “Despite having lost a great deal of biodiversity without us noticing, there still is an astonishing myriad of flora and fauna left, which desperately needs our help.”

B’n’Tree has been successful in attracting a number of important booking platforms to reverse to the association a per-booking fee. These include booking.com, Best Western, Koncept Hotels, Urlaubsguru or the “I love Sushi” restaurant chain, among others.

Travellers can thus simply log into their favourite booking engine through the bedandtree.com website. They are able to take their first step by subscribing to the organisation’s newsletter – resulting in one tree being planted. Booking as well as subscription to the newsletter on B’n’Tree are totally free of charge.

Over 104,000 trees  have already been planted in 12 countries turning each traveller into a true environmental hero through his or her booking.

Photo: B’n’Tree Reforesting the planet with BedAndTree solo man