The solo traveller is a promising business opportunity

As Wilfred Fan, Chief Commercial Officer of Klook, is responsible for overseeing the Supply Business Development & Operations division, and was due to be a speaker at the ITB Executive Panel on Tours, Activities & Attractions, ITB Berlin News asked him how the segment is evolving.

Over the past decade, mobile has proven to be a game-changer. Travellers have become increasingly mobile-centric, with over 75% of bookings made via mobile. As mobile technology drives the digitisation of the industry and captures traditional offline bookings, operators look increasingly at adopting new technology. As tours and activities remain however highly fragmented with an online penetration rate of less than 15%, we collaborate closely with travel operators in their digitisation process. 

So people want a more “individualised” offer. How can they get this?
Travellers, especially millennials, are looking for unique experiences. Our job is to seek out all the attractive options globally and identify the relevant ones. Klook is working on machine learning-enabled features to offer customised recommendations for travellers based on their online behaviours. With our tech hubs in Shenzhen and Singapore, we expand data science and analytics teams to enhance our search optimisation and recommendation capabilities.

What is Klook doing in this respect?
Data analytics play a key role to help us spot trends. We also share data and key insights with travel operators and work together to create relevant experiences. For example, according to our Global Solo Travel research last year, up to 76% of travellers consider travelling solo, which is a promising business opportunity. Therefore, we collaborate with operators to meet solo travellers’ needs and forgo the minimum participant requirement. As of today, 91% of activities on Klook’s platform can be available to one person. 

Photo: Wilfred Fan, CCO, Klook