Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience to open in New Orleans in Q3 2020

A new museum, set to open in New Orleans in Q3 2020, will be the only museum in the country to focus exclusively on the history and culture of Jews across the South.

Exhibits at the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE) will explore the ways Jews in the American South influenced and were influenced by their communities, covering 13 states and more than 300 years of history – including Colonial, Civil War, World War II and the Civil Rights Movement.

Multimedia exhibits will illustrate how Jewish immigrants and succeeding generations adapted to life in the South, forming bonds of deep friendship and community with their non-Jewish neighbours. The Museum will also address issues of race and anti-Semitism and the many ways that Southern Jews navigated them at different times.

New Orleans was chosen as the museum’s home based on the city’s vibrant tourism economy, long Jewish history and historical connection to the broader southern region.

Photo: A rendering by Gallagher and Associates of museum exhibits