Dresden: dream destination for culture

Dresden is well known for its baroque skyline but also for its extraordinary museum landscape.

Dresden’s Royal Residence is home to some of Europe’s most amazing art collections. Treasures from Saxony’s royal house are on display, including jewels, regalia, renaissance armour, Ottoman collections and court costumes. Since September, Stately Apartments show also historical furniture. The Zwinger is known for its collection of chinaware but also its Old Masters’ paintings. A new attraction is Dresden fortress, an interactive edutainment program taking visitors back to Renaissance times.

Dresden Museum of Military History

But Dresden has also unusual museums. The Museum of Military History, located 15 minutes away from the centre, is also an amazing discovery not only for its external architecture but also for its unique collections. It tells all about the influence of military in daily life, from music to technology or costumes and of course its influence on the course of German history without hiding its dark sides. The top floor is dedicated to destruction with poignant rests of ruins and a view over town. And to finish, how about visiting Semper Oper with its incredible architecture?

Photo: Royal State apartments, Dresden Castle