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Sustainable ways to explore France’s Nouvelle-Aquitaine: New app helps boost tourism to the region

The French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine has developed a very special kind of “treasure hunt” called “Terra Aventura”, which has rapidly won the hearts of many tourists. Michel Durrieu, General Director, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Tourism Board tells to ITB Berlin News how this experience turned into a true success for the entire region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Terra Aventura is a tourism-related treasure hunt game which is the largest in the world in terms of participants. In 2019, we passed the two-million players’ mark. The game stretches all over the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territory. The app is free and can be downloaded on mobile phones. Originally, the game was created to develop tourism off the beaten track, particularly to promote upcountry destinations, away from traditional coast and urban destinations. It is a great way to be in touch with our nature and of course local populations in small communities.

The purpose of Terra Aventura is to attract tourists to various territories where they would not have visited without this treasure hunt

Can you tell us about the way Terra Aventura is organised? How many circuits are available?
There are now over 400 itineraries, which last on average between one and two hours. In each itinerary, participants need to find out answers to three to four questions. It is actually a very fun way to learn about the visited area with, at the end, participants collecting a real treasure. On average, our players will do up to five itineraries.

Is the hunt open to foreign visitors? If so, how, and who can play? 
Terra Aventura is also available for foreign travellers. The app has been translated in four languages beside French. We now have versions in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Families represent the largest number of participants, approximately 72%. 28% are playing with friends or individually. In this category, we find a lot of passionate geocaching players.

Who was involved in developing the app, and how does it work? 
We are owner of the app. We developed the itinerary in all territories, such as Basque Land, Bordeaux, Poitiers and the Futuroscope theme park, La Rochelle and of course, Limoges, the cradle of the game. We are glad to see tourists to enjoy the diversity of our region and attract people to areas where they would not have visited without this treasure hunt. This was the main objective behind the launching of Terra Aventura.

Photo: Michel Durrieu, General Director, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Tourism Board


98% satisfaction

98 % of the participants declared to be satisfied of their experience playing Terra Aventura in 2019.

2 m

In 2017, Terra Aventura had 280,000 players. With more than 750,000 players in 2018 and two million in 2019, the number could overpass the three-million mark in 2020 according to Michel Durrieu.

91% return rate

91% of players indicate they will come back to discover more of Nouvelle-Aquitaine territories. 68% of participants say to have taken into account Terra Aventura for the choice of the destination and 34% told that the game was their principal factor of decision.