Luxury travel takes on a new shine with ITB

The luxury market last year reported strong growth: according to a recent survey by statista, luxury travel currently accounts for 14% of tourism sales worldwide, equivalent to €750bn this year. 

To this end, a new handbook entitled Basic Information and Perspectives on Luxury Tourism – Customer Behaviour – Paradigm Shifts – Market Trends – Best Practices has been released examining the phenomenon of luxury tourism from numerous perspectives, with a special focus on the trends that will dominate the luxury market in the future, as well as offering concrete advice to luxury providers. Its authors are the publisher Prof. Roland Conrady, Head of the ITB Berlin Convention, David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin and Marc Aeberhard, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management Ltd., all of whom are involved with the ITB Berlin Convention.

In the handbook, numerous experts, including leading scientists and senior executives, dwell on topics ranging from developments in the macro-environment of the tourism market, the marketing management of luxury providers, to mega tourism trends and their relevance to the luxury market. Leading-edge examples and case studies of the tourism market round off this work, which is a guide for practicians, senior executives, employees, tour operators, students and trainees in the tourism industry, for whom it is intended to serve as a manual for tourism developments and strategy concepts. The luxury tourism handbook is available in German from Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden and was scheduled be published in English to coincide with ITB Berlin 2020.

With its new Home of Luxury by ITB – scheduled for 2020, but now pushed back to 2021, at the Marshall Haus of Messe Berlin, in partnership with loop and Luxury Hotel & Spa Management specialists will be provided with an exclusive platform for this growing travel market for the first time. As the name suggests, the “New Home of Luxury Tourism” will be much more than simply an exhibition area for the luxury market. Stay tuned!

Photo: Marc Aeberhard, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management Ltd