The convention you have when you’re not having a convention

The annual ITB Berlin Convention has so much exciting news, so much expert knowledge, and so many valuable opinions just waiting to be shouted out to the entire tourism industry, that its cancellation would leave a giant void.

And because the ITB Berlin Convention and its 400+ speakers could not simply be replaced, ITB came up with something completely new: the ITB Virtual Convention.

From 5 to 11 March, international top-notch speakers have been sharing valuable content they were to share on the stage in Berlin LIVE online: easily and freely accessible from anywhere you are in the world at any time you want. The ITB Virtual Convention is a new compass in dynamic, challenging times. It picks-up the most relevant topics of the global travel industry that will change and shape the industry.

It’s a first for the industry, and even when ITB gets back on a level pegging, this will no doubt become a valuable addition to the overall recipe for the show’s global success.