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China Southern Airlines reforms and develops fresh synergies through new Beijing Daxing hub

As the largest home carrier of Beijing’s new Daxing Airport, China Southern Airlines have built Asia’s largest hangar and operation control centre at the site, as well as the biggest aviation catering base.

With 40% of the slots of Daxing Airport, China Southern will also account for 40% of the air passenger traffic through Daxing’s International terminal in the future. According to its development plan, China Southern is expected to base more than 200 aircraft here, building Daxing Airport as its domestic and international hub. The company was the first to run a test flight to Daxing and consequently took the lead by transferring 10% of flights to Daxing in the winter and spring seasons of 2019/2020.

Daxing is not only an airport, it is also a huge “shopping complex” covering 140,000 square metres, offering office space, restaurants, retail shops, exhibitions and hotel facilities. In order to provide the “ultimate travel and shopping experience”, Daxing has been signing many well-known commercial partners. Travellers can find luxury brands such as Gucci – even in the domestic area – for the first time, as well as large numbers of convenience stores.


With a fleet size of more than 860 aircraft, 150 million passengers have been transported safely with China Southern Airlines. With this success, China Southern Airlines continues to maintain the best civil aviation safety record in China. In 2019, it was transformed through the diversification of company stocks. Through building up new international partnerships, such as with American Airlines, British Airways and other airlines, China Southern is continuing to grow its base.

China Southern Airlines have been deepening their digital transformation by further enhancing their mobile app, “China Southern Airlines Easy Travel”.  Further to this, China Southern has also launched a number of intelligent services such as digital boarding, automatic refund and rebooking via all digital channels and VR seat selection to improve the passenger travel experience.

Photo: China Southern Jet at Daxing