Sixt: business is booming

We asked Regine Sixt, Senior Executive Vice President International Marketing, SIXT SE, how business has been over the past year.

Our worldwide business operations continue to outperform our expectations. We take this as an encouragement to stick to our course, work the market as innovation driver and consistently implement our vision of limitless mobility for our customers.

In Western Europe and in our largest and most promising market, the USA, we recently recorded double-digit sales growth – which demonstrates our strong will to grow and to build a solid groundwork for the successful future of our company.

The app has seen over one million downloads and registered triple-digit percent growth rates for its user numbers

Of course, in terms of growth, our new Sixt app, which we launched last year, deserves special mention as it has already proven to be a tremendous success story. The app has seen over one million downloads and registered triple-digit percent growth rates for its user numbers. This very positive response strengthens our resolve to continue our investments in the digitisation of our products and the expansion of our “ONE” mobility platform. Through the integration of digital car rental, car-sharing and the provision of ride and taxi services – all in one app – our customers now have access to more than 270,000 vehicles and mobility offers from 1,500 partners with over 1.5 million drivers in more than 250 cities worldwide. By continuously expanding our premium mobility services via the app, we are thus well on the way to becoming one of the leading international mobility platforms offering our customers seamless mobility – no matter where they are in the world.

What is your “vision”? What does Sixt stand for?
Since its foundation more than a hundred years ago, Sixt has always understood people’s desire for mobility: We develop and offer innovative premium solutions that meet people’s individual mobility needs. Today, our company is one of the leading international providers of high-quality mobility services. It is our vision to provide our customers with individual and unlimited premium mobility; anywhere in the world; whether for minutes, hours, months or even years… completely — without your own car.

How do you work with agencies and travel operators, and what is your message to travel professionals ?
At Sixt, we have a dedicated travel expert team in place that works closely with our worldwide network of travel business partners. To successfully cooperate with our business as well as leisure travel agencies, it is crucial to maintain close relationships and share the latest information on our most attractive offerings.

For 2020, we see a strong demand – and even increase – in individual self-drive trips with rental cars. The classic destinations such as Greece, Spain, Balearic and Canary Islands, Italy, France and the USA are still highly popular. This development goes along with a wider demand for the right vehicle model depending on the destination and type of holiday – no matter whether it the latest SUV model for a road trip through the United States, or the premium convertible for a weekend trip to Mallorca.

Our travel business partners always look for premium offers to cover all our customer segments and expectations. This reinforces our belief that agencies and travel operators are an essential part of our value creation chain for our clients. We are therefore looking forward to continuing our close cooperation with our agency and travel operator partners all over the world.

Photo: Regine Sixt, Senior Executive Vice President International Marketing, SIXT SE