02 Edition

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What’s top of mind? What should be?

What’s the topic that’s at the top of people’s minds today? Yes, you are right, it’s ecology – and the future of the planet. Oh, what about the virus? It’s temporary… it’s terrible, damaging, in particular for people who had been planning to attend trade shows like this one… But it’s temporary. In a few years, it will just be a memory.

On the other hand, some of the hottest topics up for discussion this year – as in previous ones at ITB Berlin – have been those of sustainability, eco-responsibility, CSR… in a nutshell, how to ensure tourism is a good thing for local communities, and for the planet.

It is up to everyone in the industry to ensure that despite the fact there hasn’t been a face-to-face pow-wow on the topic in Berlin this year, that best practices are honed and promoted, and that responsibility is top of mind. To this end, readers should refer to the Virtual ITB Convention online – where a number of presentations are available, highlighting thought leadership, and tackling the major issues of our time. As Eric La Bonnardiere, Co-Founder Evaneos put it so well in his online presentation, “We risk creating a parallel world for tourists – a kind of ‘folklorisation’ of the destination – very far from the reality of the destination – in that situation, we lose the magic of travel.”

Despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus, it is important to stay focused on what’s important in the long-term. Thankfully, the online presentations on ITB.com can help us do that.