Russian DMC Krugozor Expo Travel promotes new routes… and ideas


Krugozor Expo Travel is promoting new routes in a number of Russian places. Among them, as popular destinations, Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden ring, but also new and now popular, Altai, Baikal, Siberia, Sochi, Murmansk.

Krugozor is a destination management company (DMC) and professional conference organiser (PCO).  Building on years of experience and extended knowledge of Russia, their strong team prides itself in providing highly competitive service that focuses on people and their needs. Their team speaks English, German and French, and they serve markets such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Latin American countries and France.

“Our main goal is for our guests to have the best impressions from their trip to Russia. We stand behind the quality of our services. Our clients’ peace of mind, satisfaction with our services and joy of travel always remain as our top priority”, explains Managing Director Luba Kravchenko. “Our business is not what we do, it is who we are.  We believe that the world is for sharing, and we look forward to sharing with you the Russia we know and love so much.”

Russia is changing rapidly, yet remains faithful to its rich heritage. The splendour of the royal palaces and residences will help the visitor immerse him or herself in its past, while the modern vibe and tourism opportunities that have been developing there – at the speed that Gagarin shot through the stratosphere – will surprise even the harshest of critics.

“Krugozor” means “worldview”, or “range on interests”.  The company are passionate about helping its clients discover the world from different perspectives and enhance the scope of their interests.