Social responsibility in tourism a key topic at ITB

Topic such as corals and reefs, astrotourism, and geoparks were among the main subjects to be discussed at the 15th pow-wow at ITB. 

When it comes to sustainable and regenerative tourism, the Ulcinj Salina Nature Park in Montenegro has been highlighted as a key example where tourism development respects both communities and nature. The project entitled “Live like a Maasai – Experiences with impact at the foot of Kilimanjaro” is one where all revenues from the lodge operated by the Maasai go directly to local community projects such as schools, nurseries and hospitals.

The topic of UNESCO Global Geoparks is one that attracts growing interest in the industry. In 2000, four geoparks from Greece, Spain, France and Germany set up the European Geoparks Network at ITB Berlin. There are now 147 UNESCO geoparks around the world belonging to the global geoparks network. The 2030 United Nations agenda for sustainable development of UNESCO as well as the UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald, subscribe to 17 sustainability goals for regional development of its territory. 

Photo: Langkawi geopark, Malaysia