Biometrics are here… now

Biometrics are actually more of a reality for travellers than many people may realise, according to Phocuswright’s latest travel research report on tech, Travel Evolutions in Voice Recognition & Biometrics.

While biometrics – the measurement and analysis of body characteristics through techniques such as digital fingerprint matching, retinal and facial scanning and recognition, unique heartrate EKGs, gesticulation, and piezoelectric crystal detection (a measure of certain biochemical levels) – may seem more futuristic or something out of a movie, if you leave the United States on a commercial flight, chances are you may have already had your face scanned. Reported figures have gone from 2 million passengers scanned in April 2019 to 25 million in August 2019. And China already relies on facial recognition technology to enable everything from security to commercial transactions.

Photo: PERCo CL15 biometric controller for access control system – © Darien Lizard