MICE in Sarawak

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching plans major upgrade in 2020

The spectacular Borneo Convention Centre Kuching plans on carrying out major upgrades this year, introducing state of the art audio-visual technology to its repertoire.

News of the upgrade comes as a new report by Talk2 Media & Events has underlined the importance of face-to- face meetings, revealing that 93% of business event delegates find human interaction and connections important across business events, with 48% declaring them to be critical. In view of this information, BCCK is working on continuing to expand its global presence by hosting more and more international and prestigious events, as well as expanding physically as a venue to facilitate more and larger events in the future.

BCCK was the first purpose-built venue in Sarawak, designed to host a myriad of events from large conferences and exhibitions to smaller meetings within one venue. It first opened its doors in 2009 and has since hosted over 1,800 events and over 2.4 million delegates and visitors.

Located 8 km from Kuching’s city centre, the BCCK is located on a 6-hectare riverfront site. The centre’s environmentally conscious design was inspired by the surrounding rainforest. A major element – when viewed from the outside – is the roof structure. Creative architectural solutions for function and form of this element were found in nature. The Centre’s roof is shaped in the form of a “Ririk” leaf. “Ririk” grows in abundance in Sarawak, and due to its large leaves, it is used by many indigenous tribes for wrapping rice and food.

The building has a gross floor area of 36,500 square metres and the internal design offers complete exibility with functional spaces able to be subdivided into a variety of sizes and configurations for plenary sessions, exhibitions and banquets.

In the field of MICE, as organisations around the world seek to be more innovative and compete more and more on creativity, BCCK approached the question of innovation from a totally unique perspective: a space created amid the tranquillity of the tropical rainforest where any distractions that could take focus away from simply being innovative are kept at a distance.

Being secluded however does not mean disconnection. The centre is equipped with the latest in communication technologies with wireless internet enveloping the whole area, cutting ledge LAN infrastructure and, from this year, even more modern AV technology.


Men’s Health World Congress (MHWC) 2020

6th World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress (ESTCON) 2020

18th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE 2020)

AFSM Tripartite Conference 2020

Photo: The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching