Kayaking Sarawak – paddling in paradise

For great photo opportunities (with a waterproof camera), kayaking on Sarawak’s Semadang River is a must.

Semadang Kayak is the premier kayaking, bamboo rafting and adventure outfitter and service provider operating on the Sarawak River (Semadang River) at the Heart of Borneo’s Rainforest a short drive from Kuching, Sarawak.

With various package choices, the local operator takes visitors on the “kayaking and rafting trip of their life”. The trip is a family friendly and suitable for beginners, including a short “training” session at the start of the activity. Lunch is included in a small village along the way.

The organisers themselves take photos of the intrepid kayakers, sent to them by email just after their visit.

Photo: Semadang Kayak