ITB: One World. One Industry. One Trade Show.

Gone are the days when a trade show was a trade show. In today’s world, where, thanks to digital communication, physical borders are less and less important, professionals in the travel industry expect “here and now” information on demand.

Indeed, in an age of global communications, which is dominated by the internet, mobile devices and video conferences, trade fairs are constantly being put to the test. In reality, they have grown in importance. In the case of ITB, this also means re-orientation on a global scale and combining the individual profiles of four trade shows from Germany, Singapore, India and China under the umbrella of an international hub. The continuing development of ITB Berlin as a brand which has grown and established itself over the past 50 years was, in the past, a challenge when it came to adapting to a uniform brand architecture.

Quite simply, the name “ITB” stands for contacts with the global travel players and first-hand knowledge about the industry.

“Anybody who reads those three letters can be sure that this is the place of passionate and leading minds,” explains David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin. “ITB is much more than the sum of ITB Berlin, ITB Asia, ITB India and ITB China. Our network is your think tank, marketplace and trendsetter around the globe on 365 days a year. This has been our promise and motivation, for more than 50 years. It is the logical consequence of positioning ourselves as ‘leading in content, contacts, responsibility and service’.”

ITB Global can be found with the simple link: