Giving a new perspective on travel in Russia

Russian DMC Volga-Balt Tour is presenting an extraordinary range of tour ideas, including several – highly popular – Northern Lights tours planned for winter 20/21.

Volga-Balt Tour is a Moscow-based travel company, created by the people passionate about travel and eager to connect people with the grandeur of Russian culture and nature.

They offer river cruises along unique itineraries aboard carefully selected ships, classical group tours to must-see destinations, expedition trips on less-travelled paths as well as travel programmes in former USSR countries such as Belorus, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

Volga-Balt Tour selects local partners with great responsibility to ensure that all ingredients of one’s tour are “perfect”. Their vision: “to give our clients a whole new perspective on travel in Russia and maximise their chance to deeply connect with the country of their destination”.

Tours include: Silk Road, gastronomic tours, religious tours, historic tours, weekends in St Petersburg, cruising on Baikal lake, and “active winter” breaks in Karelia, just to mention a few. Winter (January 2021) highlights include spectacular Northern Lights tours to Kizhi Island, Petrozavodsk and Murmansk.

Photo: Winter tour in Karelia and Murmansk © 2019 Volga Balt Tours