European Parliament as a destination

When it comes to “experiencing” a destination, what better way than to sit in on a real session of parliament?

The European Parliament, the heart of democracy in the European Union – in Strasbourg, is a destination unto itself. Seeing it with one’s own eyes is a great way to find out about its work as the voice of European Union citizens.

Around 450 000 people from the EU and beyond visit the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg every year. Many of these visitors come as part of one of more than 9,000 groups with individual visitors increasing in past years.

Visitors coming to Brussels can also visit the Parlamentarium and the House of European History, which are outside the European Parliament premises and open during the weekend (around 470 000 visitors in 2018). In Strasbourg, an exhibition space known as Parlamentarium Simone Veil with a 360° cinema and interactive tools are part of the visit. The Strasbourg premises of Parliament also host the Euroscola student programme, which offers thousands of students between 16 to 18 years old the experience of being a member of parliament for a day.

In Strasbourg, visitors can also see the hemicycle with a speaker and, depending on the calendar, even observe the plenary session taking place once a month.  All activities can be adapted according to the age and interest of the visitors. Moreover, specialised offers have been designed for groups, families and school groups.

All activities are free of charge and most are available in all official European Union languages. You will find more information of the offer in the section “products” and on the visiting website of the European Parliament.

Parliament organises annual open days in early May in Strasbourg and Brussels. In 2020, open days will take place on 9 May in Brussels and 17 May in Strasbourg.