Durban Tourism opens the gates to the “wild” South Africa

Durban Tourism is offering, as a “key selling point” the fact of being the gateway to an extraordinary array of adventures along the east coast of South Africa. Imagine coming face to face with a bull elephant in musth in the wilds of the African savannah. From Durban, travellers are able to reach Africa’s oldest established game reserve – Hluluwe-Imfolozi – within just a few hours, enabling them to gain an exceptional view of Africa’s “big  five” – elephants, lions, leopards, rhino and buffalo. The park is the birthplace of rhino preservation.

As the home of Operation Rhino in the 1950s and 60s, driven largely by the park’s warden, Ian Player, the park became world-renowned for its white rhino conservation. The Rhino Capture Unit of the park helped save the endangered White Rhino from the brink of extinction, and constant efforts are being made to protect these, and other endangered animals. Another unforgettable adventure in the region is that of shark diving, where even inexperienced divers have the chance to observe these great predators from the safety of a shark cage.

Photo: Tourists enjoying one of the Big Five in the Thanda Safari Park