Cycling Borneo

“Trans-Borneo Road Bike” has been launched by Kuching- based adventure tour operator Paradesa* as a two-week adventure through the wilds of this incredible island.

Visitors cycle a total of 1,370 kilometres on paved roads along the South China Sea and beaches, through mangrove forests and plantations, stunning landscapes and peaceful villages before taking on some challenging climbs to truly appreciate the natural splendour of Borneo. Accommodation varies from beachside / mountain resorts to international city hotels, and even a local homestay.

The itinerary covers two countries, 8 international crossings and 1,370 kilometres in 12 cycling days, with enthusiasts cycling end-to-end, travelling East to West from the state of Sarawak, finishing in style in Sabah, crossing through the Sultanate of Brunei along the way.

Highlights include encountering the hospitality of the multi-ethnic peoples of Borneo, exploring remote national parks of Sarawak for wildlife spotting, and being among the first to boast riding across Borneo.

Those who like cycling, but perhaps not to the point of crossing the entire island, will find an eclectic range of other possibilities, with a number of short cycling itineraries, including “Best of Kuching: Heritage and Kampong Bike Tour”, “Sunset Kampong Ride with Hawker Food”, “A bite of Borneo by Bike”, and “Kuching Bike and Cook”.

*Winner of 7th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award 2015/2016: – Outstanding Destination Management Company – Special Recognition: Emerging DMC Award.

Photo: Trans-Borneo Road Bike