A bright approach @ ITB Berlin for technology, tours and activities…

Charlotte Lamp Davies, founder of A Bright Approach, was to have been the moderator for a second year running at the TTA Forum. We asked her why this segment is becoming so important.

TTA – tours, tickets, attractions, events, food – are why people travel. What we remember and talk about after a trip is not the airport, the flight, or the hotel room, it’s what we did, what we saw, what we ate.  Phocuswright research says the sector will be worth €169bn this year. All the major OTAs, tour operators, cruise lines and hotels are interested in offering their customers extra things to do, which means there’s a lot of exciting technology innovation happening behind the scenes.

Are partnerships important in this sector?
The T&A space is a world where partnerships are as important as they are inevitable. Partnerships exists between the tech supplier and the operator, the tech supplier and the seller, the operator and the destination, the destination and the OTA and many other combinations. There will be commercial parameters dictating the balance of power in the partnerships, but there really does appear to be room for everyone. 

Can you give an example of a working partnership?
Urban Adventures (UA) has linked up with The New York Times to run cobranded tours based on the paper’s 36 hours in… column. UA’s Klaudija Janzelj, Global Sales Director, said in 2019 that this was a great example of how T&A operators can think beyond the traditional travel industry to widen brand awareness and attract new business. 

So, it’s the experience that matters?
Yes… as many speakers and panellists said during the TTA Forum in 2019, what people remember from their trip is not the airport, the flight, or the hotel room, it’s what they did, what they saw, what they ate. It is the experience that counts. Tours, activities, events, attractions and food are the best part of travel. 

Photo: Charlotte Lamp Davies at ITB Berlin 2019


Charlotte Lamp Davies is a multilingual Dane living in London. After nearly 25 years handling travel clients for big-name tech, publishing and advertising businesses, two years ago, she founded A Bright Approach, advising on sales strategy, marketing, PR and events management for travel tech companies.

“I like technology, I like people and I’m passionate about diversity, and I like traveling!”, says Lamp Davies…