Messe Berlin to become member of the world tourism alliance (WTA)

WTA members include national tourism associations, influential tourism enterprises, academic institutes and other institutions from around the world. Messe Berlin, which is among the top ten trade fair and event organizers worldwide, has been of cially awarded membership of the World Tourism Alliance. The partnership will help strengthen the communication between the global and Chinese travel industry. Through deep cooperation and the support and commitment of the WTA sustainable tourism growth from China can be fostered. WTA’s Secretary-General, Liu Shijun attended multiple events at ITB Berlin and met with David Axiotis, General Manager of ITB China and Dr Martin Buck, Senior Vice President, Travel & Logistics Messe Berlin, to talk about possible initiatives and projects. “We are very much honored that Messe Berlin has joined WTA and con dent that with its expertise and experience we can build a more competitive and responsible tourism industry for the benefit of all”, said Liu Shijun.