Iceland agency impressed with Speed Networking

Lyn Ong Kai Lin is Marketing Manager of Marina Travel, an Iceland-based travel agency, handling both inbound and outbound travel. We started by asking her what the main focus of her trip to ITB Berlin was.

We do both inbound and outbound, but we were looking to expand our network and opportunities for outbound from Iceland. Basically, every country is interesting to us as we are expanding that part of our business and we came to ITB Berlin to meet operators and products from all the different countries that we could be selling. We are very open to opportunities.

What are the main trends in terms of buyer demand?

For us, a good number of our customers are looking for beach holidays, especially during the summer. They like to travel with their children to somewhere that is kid friendly and they can have some sunshine. We are open to exploring opportunities in Asia, South America and Africa.


What did you make of the Speed Networking event?

Speed Networking was amazing. Within the allotted time we had met around 30 people although there were only nine in my schedule. It was great to just sit there, and people come to talk to me, it was perfect. There were a couple of interesting companies at the speed networking event that there is very good potential we could be working with in the future.

Why did you decide to join the ITB Buyers Circle?

I joined the ITB Buyers Circle for the access that I get to many different places and people. I am able to speak with my boss without any noise or clatter.

How important is ITB Berlin as an event and why?

This was the rst time I came to ITB Berlin, although I have been to ITB Asia before. ITB Berlin has been very interesting and moving forward, we may consider to be an exhibitor in the future. It’s been a successful trip and I have also had a chance to meet with existing providers.

Photo: Lyn Ong Kai Lin Marketing Manager Marina TravelEngagement, Luxury Escapes