Gorilla trekking takes centre stage at the ITB Buyers Circle

Agio Aminah is Director of Baboon Adventure Safaris, a Uganda-based business that offers gorilla trekking to customers from Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania. We asked her to tell us about her business and first-time experience at ITB Berlin.

The trekking can take up to three hours to get to where the gorillas are. In the morning, after breakfast, we guide you and tell you what to do. When you nd a family of babies, the babies are very friendly, only the mothers are a little protective. We have 10 families of gorillas. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for policing trekking. When a client comes and wants to book gorilla trekking, there is a permit that you must have, which costs 534 (US$600)


Please tell us about your first experience of ITB Berlin

At ITB Berlin, I was very impressed with the quality of the appointments that I had. We spoke to a potential client who has con rmed that they will come gorilla trekking in April. I was very happy to do this. I didn’t expect to get a client so quickly. I’ve also picked up interest from companies in Italy, Spain and Holland who are keen on becoming agents for my business. Also at ITB Berlin, I was approached by a company in South America that wants to use my cars in Uganda to operate a eet service. My company will be their agent for that business. He will sign a contract for that later this month, which has made me very happy. The fleet will start with 23 cars and we will keep adding and adding vehicles.

Why did you decide to join the ITB Buyers Circle?

I am very grateful to be in the ITB Buyers Circle and I will de nitely come back. I have had the best time here in Berlin and it has smashed my expectations.

Photo: Agio Aminah Director of Baboon Adventure Safaris