Driving new ideas for customers in Andorra, France and Spain

Bianca Meeuwissen is General Manager of My World of Experiences, an agency based in Andorra. We started by asking her about her business and her experiences at ITB Berlin.

My World of Experiences is focused on incoming tourism for Andorra, but also France and Spain. At ITB Berlin we were buying new ideas for Spain and France that I could combine with Andorra – and I was also looking at different overnight stay options in different places.

What are the main trends you are seeing in terms of buyer demand?

People are always looking for new options, which is not always easy, as Andorra, for example, is only 486sq kilometres in size, so I’ve been trying to reinvent myself for 25 years. Sometimes it’s a little difficult.


Can you tell us about the formation earlier this year of Local Experts?

We established Local Experts, which has been set-up by six like- minded businesses in different destinations. We all have one thing in common because we are all in love with our destinations, and we are all owners of our companies. After ITB Berlin, we will all share the business cards that we have gathered during the show. We are very much alike but all in different destinations – and it’s great fun.

What was your experience of the speed networking event?

Speed networking was good. I liked it and I made some nice contacts, because I’m also thinking that within My World of Experiences, one of my dreams is a World of Wellbeing. I’m a practitioner of reiki, I can massage and am a yoga teacher and I wanted to do something with that and at ITB Berlin I met some people that can help me with that part.

What are the main benefits of being in the ITB Buyers Circle?

I think it is an ideal place to work and rest and to be able to charge devices. It’s great to have refreshments and to be able to relax a little bit. The 15-minute massage made my day, but I could have done with some reflexology as well.

Photo: Bianca Meeuwissen General Manager, My World of Experiences, Andorra