Awards @ ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin is renowned not only as a meeting place and platform for thought leadership… that thought leadership is rewarded in a number of award ceremonies during the show. These include the LGBT Pioneer Awards, To Do Awards, Columbus Awards, the ITB BuchAwards… the list goes on.
At the book awards, winners included Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, Andrew Solomon, Marco d’Eramo, Olivier Rolin, Per J. Andersson, Joshua Foer with Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton, Matias Faldbakken, Elke Heidenreich and Tom Krausz, Ilija Trojanow, Roberto Saviano and Giovanni di Lorenzo, Frank Vorpahl, Peter Hinze, Fredy Gareis, Rüdiger Frank and the publisher Roland Esterbauer. On this page, we also highlight a few of the other top award events.

Making women visible in tourism

Female executives and entrepreneurs in tourism, politics, media and NGOs again came together at the Palais am Funkturm at ITB Berlin on the eve of International Women’s Day for the Celebrating Her Awards. Women and their qualities shape the business world by mutually supporting each other, working tenaciously to improve working conditions for women and gender equality, exchanging views with one another, and by building and maintaining a close network of contacts. In this case, they each persistently shape their own area of tourism into a sustainable, peace-making, and flourishing industry. “Each one of you is a role model for every one of us,” said US Moderator and Strategic Advisor Anita Mendiratta of CNN’s TASK Group.
The Celebrating Her Award is presented in five categories. This year, Egyptian Minister of Tourism Rania al Mashat was happy to receive the award for Tourism Policy and Leadership, her Greek colleague Elena Kountoura for Tourism Strategy and Resilience, and long-time fighter Mechthild Maurer, CEO of ECPAT Germany, committed to socially responsible tourism, for Child Protection in Tourism. ITB is a member of ECPAT as well. In her words of introduction, Anita Mendiratta spoke about how, for over 25 years, winner Jane Madden, managing partner of FINN Partners, has given a voice to the voiceless and looks where others turn away. Jane Madden received the Sustainability Award for her dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. Founder and President Helen Marano of Marano Perspectives was honoured by the UNWTO community. The long-time advocate sent her thanks in a video message.