When an entire village turns to homestay


In the tiny village of Kundasang, about 98km from Kota Kinabalu city, Ranau Walai Tokou Homestay is the closest such accommodation to the majestic Mount Kinabalu.

Established in 2002, and the winner of several state and federal tourism awards, Ranau Walai Tokou Homestay features around 100 rooms across the 46 houses dotted up along the steep hillside road.

Most homes have breathtaking panoramic view towards Kinabalu Park and the mountain itself. The region is populated primarily by the Dusun tribe, famous for their cultivation of temperate vegetables.

“Walai Tokou” is a Dusun term meaning “House of We”, or “Our Home.” The concept of homestay is well suited for visitors who want to experience the village atmosphere, the refreshingly cool temperatures of the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, and clear views of the mountain.

It’s the perfect spot to take in the local culture, renowned for the traditional Dusun Bambu music and dances. The local musicians are renowned worldwide, recently featuring in the Asia You’ve Got Talent show.

A set of guidelines have been produced for homestay villages. More than ten participating houses and 20 people are needed in a single village, or Kampung, in order for the village to qualify.

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