The changing face of mobility

Smart mobility concepts for the future were presented at this week’s ITB Business Travel Forum. The Forum also provided information and insights on innovative approaches such as mobility apps and ride sharing services, which will have a long- term impact on business travel in the future. The two-day event also highlighted how the business travel market can react to the challenges posed by the ever- quickening pace of new sharing

concepts, digitalisation and globalisation.
At an event moderated by Christopher Bergau, Market Manager at Airbnb Work, travel managers from three countries related their experiences working in the sharing economy.

Catherine Logan, regional vice president EMEA, Global Business Travel Association, reported on the GBTA Corporate Travel Industry Trends. Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Bruns, a specialist in mobility management and transport planning at Hochschule RheinMain, provided a comprehensive overview of mobility concepts and alternatives.

In his view, corporate mobility management is an effective way of optimising a company’s mobility needs. However, this instrument can achieve much more than focusing on business travellers. It needs to take every journey of workers, customers and guests into account to show its real worth and help create solutions to meet the challenges of the dynamic world of mobility and transport.

Photo: Christopher Bergau, Market Manager, Airbnb Work