Revealing the artistic spirit of Sabah


The Sabah State Art Gallery yesterday opened a solo exhibition of artist Ron Galimam’s work for a month. Galimam’s paintings are mostly about working people in their environment, though he is also drawn to wildlife, which he has been passionate about since he was young.

Galimam likes to work in Batik. which is wax on cotton. But rather than using traditional Batik dye, he prefers to apply acrylics which gives him greater control over the creative process. He says: “In the early 90s, when I came back to Sabah, there wasn’t much promotional literature about Sabah, so I put a proposal to the Minister of Tourism who didn’t need much convincing to embrace and fund the promotion of Sabah both for domestic and international tourism.”

He set up a design studio in Kota Kinabalu and employed two artists and a secretary: “The first thing I did was to illustrate a character map of Sabah as 99.99% of the world’s population didn’t know where Sabah was. When I presented it, some of the board members were not sure about the pink pygmy elephants, but it was printed. We produced themed images for posters, billboards, buntings, paper bags using recycled paper and TV commercials,” he says. “I noticed recently that some of those promotional materials are still being used.”.

Hall 26a / Stand 117