Industrial culture, Saxony’s key theme at ITB Berlin

“Culture in Saxony” is the title of Saxony’s presentation at ITB Berlin this year. The theme is a prelude to a major celebration to be staged in Saxony in 2020, marking 500 years of industrial history.

Saxony’s stand in Hall 11.2 has been transformed into a 900 sq m factory building made of bricks and steel and filled with machines. It reflects the boom times when Saxony was Germany’s main industrial region, famed for its silver, mining and machine and tool production. There will be industrial-themed music as well. During trade visitors’ days, the “Dresden Stahlquartett” (steel quartet) will perform on custom-made iron string instruments, while Peter Till will entertain the public at the weekend with his amazing “Universal Dresdner Druckluftorchester “ (pressurised air orchestra).

The theme of industrial culture is also part of the new high-quality brochure “Architekturlandschaft Sachsen” (architectural landscape of Saxony) that will be presented for the first time at the ITB. The booklet provides a comprehensive overview of one millennium of extraordinary building culture. A tourist map highlights over 50 tourist attractions linked to industry. Overall, more than 50 Saxony tourism partners are present on the ITB Berlin stand.