CityLoop: Ride sharing for business travellers

As part of ITB Berlin’s focus on smart future mobility concepts, CityLoop Travel is presenting the first ride-sharing service for business travellers. A start-up founded by German entrepreneur Jörg Mayer, CityLoop is promoting its innovative limousine service that focuses on medium-distance journeys.

As a travel agency, CityLoop books individually-priced seats in first class vehicles that operate as part of scheduled services. The circular routes or so-called “loops” connect hotspots such as airports and major corporations and are serviced by select, experienced chauffeur service companies multiple times daily following a fixed timetable.

In a presentation at ITB Berlin, Mayer told the audience that he had used the CityLoop on a five-hour journey from Walldorf in Baden- Württemberg to the German capital.

“The idea for CityLoop was inspired by the many years of experience of our team travelling for business,” Mayer said.

“As a travel agency, CityLoop has set out to connect the various means of transport and to provide a completely new business travel experience with a punctual and reliable chauffeur service on medium-distance journeys.”

Following its ITB launch, CityLoop will launch trial operations with initial loops between “super hotspots” such as airports in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Baden- Baden, and the SAP headquarters in Walldorf. Ticket prices start at €79 per 100 kilometres.

Hall 7.1a / Stand 300

Photo: Jörg Mayer, Founder & CEO, CityLoop Travel GmbH