ITB Berlin News – Day 2 Edition

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ITB Berlin travels elite class

Luxury is now, more than ever, defined through intangibles, self-discovery, simplicity, authenticity, and far fewer opulent displays and excess.

The past few years, ITB Berlin has witnessed major growth in “all that’s luxury”, enabling industry professionals to not only keep up with the trends, but to ride the wave of new groundswell movements. And this year, the wave might be pretty icy, as one of the key themes is about luxury in cold destinations. Presented at the ITB Berlin Convention yesterday, Trend Destinations in the Luxury Market looked at which destinations will be in vogue tomorrow. It is becoming apparent that cold places such as Iceland, Lapland, the Arctic and Antarctica will become the new luxury destinations.

But just what will luxury products look like in the future, and how can one appeal to all five senses? The ITB New Luxury Panel: Sensuality, Happiness and Luxury, today at 4pm, looks at the world of sensor technology and luxury.

Indeed, luxury customers are trendsetters, who shape entire markets and attract imitators. This makes it all the more important to learn more about their psyche and behaviour. Who has better insight into this hidden segment than global concierge services? In his session “View Through the Keyhole: Personality Profiles of Luxury Customers” International Tourism Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, Travel Journalist and Author Doug Lansky is back at ITB Berlin this year to host a roundtable giving unique insights into the psyche and behaviour of high-end luxury customers (see details page 12).

So, sit back and relax, as the thought leaders at ITB Berlin put you in the VIP seat… for a few days!

Richard Barnes
Editor-in-Chief, ITB Berlin News