Cruise industry adopts “conscious travel”

Adam Goldstein, Vice Chairman, Royal Caribbean Cruises, says that the industry is set to benefit from a key trend, where consumers partake in experiences that inspire memories.

“Our industry is perfectly situated to benefit from this trend,” says Goldstein, who was recently appointed Chairman of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Speaking to ITB Berlin News about the challenges facing the cruise industry, and strategies to drive growth by leveraging off broader societal trends, Goldstein says that this key trend has led to considerable momentum, revealed in new ships, diversity of products and increasing numbers of cruisers. “This is very positive but also presents challenges, including the need to ensure appropriate infrastructure for our ships, to develop adequate land-based tour capacity for our customers, and to be proactive in seeking greater sustainability,” he says. CLIA recent published a list of trends such as “conscious travel”, “access is the new luxury”, and “achievement over experience”.

Goldstein says: “Every year CLIA scans emerging societal trends and naturally focuses on those most germane to travel. As CLIA Chair, “conscious travel” is at the top of my list. People across the world exhibit a tremendous appetite to experience the world around them.

“At the same time, travellers have become more aware of and interested in the sustainability of destinations and experiences. Some choose to get directly involved in voluntourism, while most want to know that what they’re experiencing will be preserved. With the number of international trips approaching 1.5 billion per year, this trend will only gain speed.”

Goldstein adds: ‘ITB is a very important platform for CLIA in terms of its members meeting with the travel trade and media. ITB Berlin is in Germany, which provides our industry with approximately two million customers per year, or about 7% of the world’s cruisers. As much as we’ve grown, our industry still only attracts 2% of international travellers.”

Photo: Adam Goldstein Vice Chairman, Royal Caribbean Cruises