Colombia actively encourages airlines to improve connectivity

One of the priorities of the Colombian Government is to promote international tourism by improving air connectivity with key cities around the world. Avianca is considered a major player in that strategy.

Last year, promotional efforts of ProColombia, the country’s tourism authority, translated into the opening of 17 routes, including flights from Chicago, Munich and Amsterdam. Bogota- Munich was inaugurated last November by national carrier Avianca, making Colombia’s national carrier the only Latin American airline to fly to the Bavarian capital.

“We are proud to connect our travellers with this new destination. With Munich, there are now 110 destinations in 27 countries to which the airline arrives,” declared Hernán Rincón, CEO and Executive Chairman of Avianca Holdings during the launching ceremony.

Other cities in Europe served by Avianca out of Bogota are Barcelona, London and Madrid while Cali and Medellin are also linked to Madrid, representing close to 50 weekly frequencies to Europe.

“Avianca’s new Munich- Bogota route demonstrates the growing interest of European businessmen and travellers to get closer to our country. Germany is a very important market for ProColombia. Avianca’s effort to improve our connectivity will bring more business and rapprochement between the two countries, “stressed Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

ProColombia is working hard to attract further routes in 2019. In the wish list of destinations are Rome in Europe as well as Montreal and San Francisco to Bogota. Regionally, Avianca continues to expand its network. Avianca’s subsidiary in Ecuador launched its first flights last November linking Bogota to Santa Cruz on a daily basis. The carrier also launched a second daily service between Bogota and Buenos Aires.

Colombia’s national carrier also signed with US carrier United Airlines and Panama’s Copa Airlines a joint business agreement (JBA) covering US- Latin America routes that would enable it to offer passengers flights between 275 destinations throughout Latin America and the USA.

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