Borneo Eco Tours launches learning centre in Kinabatangan


Borneo Eco Tours / Sukau Rainforest Lodge Managing Director, Albert Teo was a pioneer in eco-tourism, starting Borneo Eco Tours in 1991, building the Sukau Rainforest Lodge in 1995, with a total of 20 rooms. In 2018, he expanded the lodge to 40 rooms. Teo’s property was the first to be listed as a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World in Malaysia and Borneo. This year, he expands into new territories.

“Last year, I bought seven acres just a few minutes upstream, and am in the midst of completing a building – quite a big one – which will be known as the Sukau Eco-Tourism Research Centre”, says Teo. “Graduate students will be able to do research here from UMS and other universities, on how to make eco-tourism sustainable, and ensure the communities have a bene t, as much as the tour operators and lodges. We are raising the standards together, to work on long- term, rather than short.

Being in the heart of the tropics, the biodiversity in Borneo is astounding. “This region, in the eastern part of Borneo, is recognised as one of the top places in the world for biodiversity”, says Teo. “Both the flora and fauna are incredibly rich. Kinabatangan has often been compared to the Amazon, but it is very different to the Amazon. It can stand on its own. We have ten species of primate here, and all the eight species of hornbills found in Borneo are found here. The Borneo pigmy elephant is found here. Because it is a wetland region, hundreds of bird species are found here. Some are endemic, and are almost extinct.”

Borneo Eco Tours promotes tours on the river, so all wildlife viewing is basically done on the water. “The wildlife generally come to the river bank in the late afternoon and they go back into the forest in the early morning, so those are the best times to see the wildlife,” concludes Teo.

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