All aboard with the walking dead

Fans of The Walking Dead can now get a behind-the-scenes look at the home of the cult TV series. Riverwood Studios in the town of Senoia, Georgia, USA, has launched The Walking Dead Studio Tour, a guided bus excursion around some of the show’s familiar sets and locations. The tour takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and lasts two hours. Tickets cost US $65 per person.

The tour starts with a visit to the most iconic sets at Riverwood Studios, where the series has been shot for almost ten years. Comprised of 60 hectares of land the area includes The Sanctuary (Negan’s lair) and Hilltop, the grand Antebellum Mansion set in 3.5 acres of working farmland complete with stables, sawmill, smithy, water tower and gardens.

From Riverwood Studios the route continues to the centre of Senoia which serves as the backdrop for the city of Woodbury and the seat of the governor in the series. The highlight is a visit to the location of Alexandria where the show’s characters find security behind a high wall.

Hall 3.1 / Stand 222