UNWTO industry events @ ITB Berlin – 6th march

11:00 – 11:45
Keynote-Panel: Overtourism Revisited: Best Demonstrated Practices Instead of “Business as Usual” ITB Berlin Convention 2019 in collaboration with UNWTO

In nite growth cannot work in a nite space: The intensity and growth of con icts in more and more tourist hotspots shows that things cannot go on as before. In the meantime, a number of solutions have been found for severely affected urban destinations. How can a destination set the right conditions for sustainable growth – on a national, regional and local basis? Results of a global empirical exclusive study by Travelzoo and ITB also show when tourists accept or desire access and price barriers, smart technologies, tourist selection and visitor guidance. What are the lessons learned and best practice examples? And last but not least: Can the ndings also be applied to increasingly affected rural attractions?
••• City Cube, Auditorium A1

12:00 – 12:45
Overtourism 1: Smart Control Via Digital Technologies ITB Berlin Convention 2019 in collaboration with UNWTO

Digital technologies and smartphones can untangle streams of visitors. Visitors can be guided away during rush hours or from over-visited hotspots. What do effective technology solutions look like, and which data are required from which sources? What have been the experiences so far with the innovative apps .
••• City Cube, Cube Club

14:00 – 16:00
9th Silk Road Ministers Meeting (Attendance is by invitation only)

To be attended by countries from the Silk Road and beyond, the meeting will focus on collaborative tourism opportunities aimed at strengthening regional cohesion. In addition to the presentation of project proposals in the areas of marketing and promotion, tourism research and capacity building, participating countries will be able to outline their own Silk Road ideas and initiatives during an open discussion.
••• Berlin Room, Hall 7.3

18:00 – 20:00
Launch of the Global Report on Women in Tourism, Second Edition in collaboration with GIZ, UN Women, World Bank and Amadeus. (Attendance is by invitation only)

In 2009, UNWTO, the United Nations’ specialised agency for tourism, joined forces with UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, to prepare the rst edition of the Global Report on Women in Tourism. Based upon the success of the rst Report, UNWTO, in cooperation with the German Development Agency (GIZ), UN Women, World Bank and Amadeus, collaborated in the preparation of the second edition.
••• Palais am funkturm