Sarawak Tourism sports new logo @ ITB Berlin


Sarawak Tourism arrives at ITB Berlin 2019 with a new logo and catch phrase. We asked the organisation’s new Chief Executive Officer, Sharzede Datu HJ Salleh Askor to tell us more.

We have changed our destination logo from the previous Sarawak – Where adventure lives to our current destination logo, Sarawak – More to Discover. Our reasons for changing our destination logo were to enhance visibility of “brand Sarawak” in the international and domestic markets, to instil into local Sarawakians a sense of ‘belonging’ and ownership towards the tourism attractions in Sarawak, as well as to provide excellent content of tourism products and services.

To sum up the key points of the logo; the use of vibrant colours representing the diversity in Sarawak and different natural aspects such as green for the rainforest and blue for the oceans and lakes. The brush strokes are fun and not rigid lines, much like Sarawak which is a very friendly and laid-back place to visit. The centre ‘a’ is, of course, a stylised hornbill representing Sarawak’s moniker of “Land of Hornbills” or ‘Bumi Kenyalang’. It is also a very sacred bird to many of the indigenous people in Sarawak.

What would you say are the three Key “USPs” of Sarawak?

Our people, our products and our authenticity. We have genuine authenticity with modern comforts that you truly cannot find anywhere else.

What is “new” in terms of tourism infrastructure, transport, etc?

Much like everywhere else in Sarawak, the attractions are there, they simply need a little organising. Connecting the dots and putting the puzzle pieces together to form a complete picture. The Kuching Heritage Trail is one such attraction, and plans are in the works to make Kuching city’s historical heritage an easily navigated product on its own

Hall 26a / Stand 117