Malaysia – Official ITB Berlin 2019 Partner Country


The extraordinary diversity of the nation that is “Truly Asia” is a major draw card for foreign visitors

Tourism Malaysia’s partnership of ITB Berlin 2019 is a key element in the nation’s “vision 2020” for 30 million tourist arrivals and RM100bn (eds: €21.59bn) tourist receipts. After a slight decrease in arrivals in 2018 (-0.3%), the target for 2019 is for strong renewed growth, with 28.1 million visitors, bringing RM92.2bn in receipts. Despite the reduction in tourist numbers in the rst nine months of 2018, total expenditure rose by 0.5%, and a slight rise in average stay – up 0.2% to 7.3 nights.

Singapore is the main source market for Malaysia, with 10.62 million arrivals in 2018, followed by Indonesia, with 3.28 million. China is currently in third place, with 2.94 million visitors in 2018, however the number of Chinese visitors is rising rapidly – up 25.3% on the previous year. Other key source markets include Thailand, Brunei, India, Japan, Philippines, UK and Australia (in that order).

Hospitality infrastructure is growing at a rapid rate – with the number of available rooms growing from 292,290 in 2017 to 308,210 in 2018 – a rise of over 5%, with 4,750 hotels operating in 2018.

2018 saw some major changes in mode of arrival, with a big drop in arrivals by land (from 70.7% share down to 59.1%), but a major increase in arrivals by air (from 24% in 2017 up to 35.3% in 2018).

More than half of all visitors (53.4%) in 2018 were on holidays. 20.6% were visiting friends or relatives, 15% shopping, 3.9% for health treatment, 2% for business, 1.1% MICE, 0.5% education and 0.4% on Honeymoon. 98.6% of visitors participated in city sight-seeing activities, and 48.7% visited islands or beaches.

The following pages will give you a little foretaste of what Malaysia has to offer here at ITB Berlin 2019. Our following editions will also bring you more valuable information to take back home!

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