ITB Berlin News – Day 1 Edition

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Sir, your personal drone is hovering outside to take you to the hyperloop

The distant future? Perhaps not so far away… The future of mobility is a core theme at ITB Berlin this year, as yet again, the show sets the tone and charts the roadmap (excuse the pun) for the future.

Transport systems are finding themselves at a turning point. Concepts such as driverless vehicles, ride-sharing business models, mobility platforms, electric powertrains, minibuses, bikes for hire, cable cars and other modes of transport are all hot topics at this year’s show. Is the traffic collapse in cities avoidable? What are the consequences for business and leisure tourism? What should cities and rural areas with tourist attractions do now to make their transport systems fit for the future? These will be some of the questions addressed at the Future Ground Mobility Panel this afternoon in the City Cube. “Future Ground Mobility” will be the focus of the ITB Ministers’ Roundtable as well. Tourism ministers from leading travel destinations, such as Egypt, Costa Rica, Greece, Kenya, Namibia or Zambia will talk about the major transport problems increasingly affecting countries and ways to improve the travel experience.

The best way to stay ahead of the game is to attend today’s panel, and, as often happens at the show, “stand on the shoulders of the giants” – taking advantage of the work of the thought leaders in the field, and gaining a clear vision into the future of mobility.

Richard Barnes
Editor-in-Chief, ITB Berlin News