Hideaway beach resort & spa sets environmental standards

Environmental standards in Europe are often much harder to realise on vacation destinations like the Maldives. Nevertheless, one five-star resort, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is claiming to set an example in its commitment to protecting nature and promoting the local economy.

A luxury resort on the island of Dhonakulhi is comprehensive and creative in order to do as much as possible for the protection of the surrounding biosphere. Of course, the drinking water is extracted from seawater, and the gardens are also supplied with treated water. Energy efficiency and waste reduction are further elements of the sustainability concept. In general, the use of plastic bottles is dispensed with, up to straws made of paper at the bars of the resort. With the waste heat of the power generator in the form of steam, the premises are heated in an energy-efficient manner.

In order to support the local population and economy while at the same time protecting the environment, as many foods as possible are purchased on local markets and farms. In addition, organic and sustainable fruits and vegetables are grown in the resort’s own gardens. Guests of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa will also be held accountable and fully informed about the fragile environment of the Maldivian Islands so that they themselves can play their part in preserving them.

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