Get on your bike!

Promoting the Baltic Sea Cycle Route and joint efforts to promote EuroVelo10 @ ITB Berlin 2019

This year’s ITB Berlin Convention will play host to a special session aiming for the Baltic Sea Cycle Route to become a well-connected, high quality and internationally recognised cycle route by 2030 and to strengthen natural and cultural resources.

Indeed, according to a study commissioned by the European Parliament in 2012, cycle tourism trips in Europe amount to more than 2.2 billion annually and have with e 40bn a considerable impact on EU economy.

Bike tourism is one of the most important branches of tourism industry in Europe that is based on exploiting landscape and cultural resources. Appropriate tools to measure the impact of cycling tourism in the Baltic Sea region do not exist yet. However, a noticeable increase in the demand for bicycle tourism products lead partners across borders to a closer touristic exchange. The rapprochement process aims to develop joint efforts to promote the Baltic Sea Cycle Route in order to improve connectivity, quality and visibility of the cycle path. In 2018, comprehensive data on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route in Denmark, Germany and Poland were collected and evaluated. The available data provides information on the status quo of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route and serves as basis for future strategic objectives and actions around the Baltic Sea. The survey and in connection collected data is an experience in the running system for cycle tourism and is going to deliver future recommendations.

As a result, the development of a strategy paper for the entire Baltic Sea Cycle Route was put on track defining a vision for the year 2030 and the necessary requirements to implement it.

The experts debate aims to make the Baltic Sea Cycle Route better known and reveal ideas on how to become a model for internationalisation of cycle tourism routes. It indicates how working on common challenges can bring mutual bene ts for the cycle tourism industry in and between Baltic Sea regions. Even EuroVelo routes provide an opportunity to connect seaside regions and create an interesting tourist offer based on their cultural attractiveness, displaying their identity and history.

A particular focus is on better connectivity between countries, improved and more equally distributed quality standards.

Category: Deep Dive Panel Discussion
Date: March 6, 2019
Time: 11:00 am – 11:45 am
Location: City Cube Hall A International Tourism Fair (ITB) 2019 / Berlin


  • Marta Chelkowska Director, Department of Tourism in the Marshal’s Office of Pomorskie Voivodeship / President Pomorskie Tourist Board
  • Jesper Pørksen Director, Dansk Cykelturisme
  • Carolin Ristau Marketing and Public Relations, Mecklenburger Radtour • Ádám Bodor Advocacy and EuroVelo Director, European Cyclists’ Federation
  • Moderation: Fong Choo Leong Bicycle Tourism Of cer, German Cyclists’ Association (ADFC)